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As a METU student, it enabled me to gain a character who knows himself better, knows what he wants, learns how to work more efficiently, and constantly wants to learn more. Moreover, besides a quality education, there are also many student clubs where we can improve ourselves socially. Especially relevant to my field, the Economy and Finance community organizes Economics and Politics Seminars every week, enabling us to receive information on various subjects and our valuable professors from all over the world. As a new graduate, I am now at the stage of deciding what I want.

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Being a METU student was the best thing that ever happened to me. I miss my school already. Hello, I’m Sarp Dinçer. Approximately 3 months after graduation, I started my business life as an auditor in the finance sector. Later, I worked in the field of customer management in the travel and tourism sector. Right now I am Sarp Dinçer.

Simultaneously with my business life, I first completed the Business Administration Master program at Bahçeşehir University. Later, I joined the Business Administration Doctorate program under the same university and now I am continuing my education life as a doctorate student. For prospective students and current students, I would like to state the following: Being a METU graduate has been one of the biggest turning points in my life. For me, METU is a structure that enables me to develop both in terms of education and humanity, opens new horizons for me, broadens my perspective and enables me to establish good friendships.

And I want you to be sure that METU; Today, it is one of the rare institutions that support free thought, teach respect to every individual no matter who they are, enrich it with the quality of education and instill modernity. When you think that material things come out of life, one of the biggest things you have left is the education you have. Therefore, a good education is the greatest wealth of man.

I hope you will also be one of the individuals benefiting from METU’s treasury. I am Deniz Kural, I am a Business Administration Graduate. I am currently working as a Marketing Manager for a game company in Germany. I will start with a very classic term in business life to tell you about my school and department. With the so-called Elevator-Speech, or Elevator-Talk, I cannot tell you how precious this is! After all, business is a section with many branches; finance, marketing, human resources, operations management, accounting and consultancy, it offers dozens of pleasant business areas… Even though it is good, it is for this reason, “Brother, what will I be when I graduate?

METU KKK is very different here, it is a veteran in your field, what they do is not only at school; It gives you the opportunity to be trained by professionals who have signed and left their mark throughout the world in professional life. Here you have the chance to deepen your field and when you graduate from METU, instead of the above question, “Brother, I love the X-field, I am happy doing this job; I graduated, which of these companies should I work in or where in the world, in which school do I master?

These are of course the beginning, I still say “why do you like most about marketing or marketing? The story is always in ODTU.